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YOUR BENEFIT - Sucking Stick™

Profit every day from your Sucking Stick!

  • No need to buy expensive hard drives or hundreds of CDs/DVDs

    Your Sucking Stick™ already has enough storage space for your digital treasures. On the one hand, modern USB sticks like our suction sticks now offer storage capacities that you could only dream of in the past. Data that would otherwise require many hundreds of CDs/DVDs or a thick hard drive to store can now fit on an integrated chip the size of a fingernail. On the other hand, the Sucking Stick™ app only searches and sucks the pure user data such as photos, videos, audio books etc. The large programs and useless system files do not need to be backed up. This saves space and an enormous amount of time when handling data.

  • You do not need to install anything
    Your Sucking Stick™ comes to you ready and waiting. The Sucking Stick™ app is already installed on the stick and can be started immediately after plugging it into a USB slot. Your PC remains completely unaffected.

  • You save many hours of search time

    Instead of spending hours searching your entire system for the content you want, let the intelligent Sucking Stick™ app do the work for you.

  • You no longer miss anything

    The Sucking Stick™ automatically ensures that all the files you are looking for are found - no matter where they are hidden. Of course, the Sucking Stick™ can also be used with different PCs, smartphones or tablets one after the other. By the way, the predefined list of file types in the different categories (pictures, videos, ...) can be easily and conveniently supplemented and adapted to your own wishes.

  • You save everything important in no time and save space

    You define whether the backup of all searched files of a certain type on the stick should be made into a single directory/folder (each separately for e.g. "Pictures", "Videos" or "Audios"). In this mode, each file with the same name and the same size only ends up on the stick once. Different file versions with the same name but different modification date are automatically renamed and saved. Experience has shown that this procedure saves additional backup memory because of the frequently encountered duplicates.

    If desired, the program can also completely recreate the directory structure of your PC on the stick. In this case, all file duplicates are also saved on the stick.

  • You automatically receive all changes with each new run

    During renewed search/backup runs, the Sucking Stick™ program only sucks up changed/added files to your stick. So you can keep your backup up to date with just a few clicks.

  • You save a lot of money

    Backup software usually costs a lot of money, has to be installed and updated regularly. Your Sucking Stick™ already has everything you need for highly convenient backups. The costs for the program are already included in the price of Sucking Sticks™.
A tiny Sucking Stick saves many thousands of pictures, texts, pieces of music, letters, tables ...
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33161 Hoevelhof, Germany

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* One gigabyte (GB) is a unit of data storage capacity and equals approximately two to the power of 30 (230) or 1,073,741,824 bytes.
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