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Effective "pill" against loss pain
The Sucking Stick™ secures digital treasures from PC, Android smartphone and tablet
Linda with a Sucking Stick 256 in the red metal can
Even a tiny little Sucking Stick protects thousands of photos, videos, music, office documents, e-books and whatever else you want to protect against loss
The Sucking Stick™ finds all your digital treasures such as photos, videos, audios, e-books, office or graphic files from Windows PCs and backs up all the files you want on a fast USB stick (USB 3.X). Because only the real user data is backed up and not all the programs and system files as with conventional backup programs, your complete backup fits on a tiny USB stick and is ready in a few minutes. In the current version, Sucking Stick™ now also retrieves your important files from your Android phone or tablet - with just a few mouse clicks. And it even works via WLAN, i.e. without a cable connection.

What's more, the new smart Sucking Stick™ app makes it easy for you to specify which file types you want to suck, the minimum and maximum file size you want to suck and the time period they come from. For example, you can exclude the hundreds of useless small thumbnails and icons or even the fat raw video recordings on your computers, smartphones and mobile phones from your backup. And, for example, you can suck all the pictures and files from your summer vacation last year.

We supply you with complete Sucking Sticks™ of different capacities - according to your requirements. This gives you a complete solution that you can start using immediately. The program is already on the stick. You do not need to install anything. Just plug in the stick, start the app, search, suck. Done!

Do not entrust your valuable digital treasures to the anonymous cloud! Back up everything important on your Sucking Stick™.

Try it right now for free

If you want to try it right away and test the program extensively, download the free Sucking Stick™ app and install it on any USB stick or external hard drive. The Sucking Stick™ app is fully functional on Windows versions Vista, XP, 2000, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10! Try this revolutionary program now and be amazed!

Security established in the office
Joseph L. from Mannheim: "I used the Sucking Stick to search through three old office PCs before we discarded them and backed up everything important - especially all the old letters, spreadsheets and presentations. You never know when you might need them again."
WhatsApp treasures saved forever
Melanie H. from Wuppertal: "I wanted to use the Sucking Stick to save the voice messages, pictures and videos from WhatsApp from my mobile phone. Now I'm happy every time I play the files on the Sucking Stick."
Family mobile phones and tablets harvested
Karl M. from Hanover: "First we collected all the photos and videos of our family mobile phones and tablets. It's crazy what all this reveals! Most of it we had forgotten a long time ago. Now the valuable material can't get lost anymore."
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* One gigabyte (GB) is a unit of data storage capacity and equals approximately two to the power of 30 (230) or 1,073,741,824 bytes.
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